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WS Restructured (January 2017)
« on: January 09, 2017, 12:48:52 PM »
The WS Clan as been restructured !

  This day, major changes come for WS Clan.
The Main purpose of the Clan is to build a gaming community playing on variety of games, not to remain a SA:MP Argonath's Clan.
Also the recruitment as been chaged in order to have application form and process that fit to this purpose.

The WS Code has bee edited.

The WS Hierarchy has been edited : The WS Management is back to WS Leadership and WS Manager to WS Leader. The Previous WS Leader and Co-Leader has been removed. The WS Clan Council has been splitted into two part : Permanent Council, named by Leadership and Deputy Council, elected by members. Both will be part of the Clan Council which will become the real decision-making body of the clan.

The WS memberlist has been updated, members who failed to report to restructuration topic have been noted inactive, the process to report active is explained on memberlist topic.

A Clan Council election is open for Deputy Counselors.

It might be a bit messy at the begining but be sure this new order will give all posibilities to WS members to construct something here.

For questions, goes there => RESTRUCTURATION - Discussion
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