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If you feel that a White Shadows member has behaved negatively, please use the below form to notify us.
All feedback is taken seriously and you will receive a response shortly after posting.

Some examples of reportable behaviour include:

Disruptive actions
Negative actions towards other online communities

Please provide as much evidence (screenshots, videos, chat logs) as possible.

This board is for public use
You can message the WS Clan Council or Leadership about all other queries and concerns.


Create a new topic in this board, with the subject as:
Complaint - [WS]MEMBER'SNAME

Code: [Select]
[b]Member's name:[/b]
[size=8pt][i]You can check this on the [url=]member list[/url][/i][/size]

[b]Date and time:[/b]

[b]What did they do?:[/b]

[b]Location of incident :[/b]
[size=8pt][i]e.g. Name of the game, website or social media details[/i][/size]

[size=8pt][i]Supporting information, such as screenshots[/i][/size]

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