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Clan Council - Results
« on: June 22, 2015, 12:38:18 AM »
Clan Council Elections

Dear WS Members!

Please vote in this poll to decide who should become a member of the Clan Council.

All members can vote
You may vote for up to 5 people
Voting closes on Sunday 28th June, when the topic will be hidden to verify votes
Applicants can vote for themselves

Please read the manifestos (ideas, contributions and statements written by each applicant) below.
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« Reply #1 on: June 22, 2015, 11:11:33 AM »


I think making a whole story about "I'm going to change this, this and that" has no sense. The recent changes only require a good push towards the good direction, so the rest will mutate in time. With centralising White Shadows, we've gained alot in mobility and in effectiveness. Yes, I did leave White Shadows back when RS5 came out after I lost intrest in SA:MP, but I simply did not enjoy the game anymore, and White Shadows did not have the same intrests as I had myself, and thus, even with trying to build up a new division myself in the Playground, there was simply -no- intrest, and thus carrying a title that I did not even represent did not fit my idealogie, thus, I left.

Ever since, I've seen the forum of White Shadows every week, when I had time to do so at the time. Recently, after the reform, I saw that White Shadow was once and finally, in my idealogie, centralised. With this, I mean that we were not divided within divisions, but standing together, as one community. It helps the communication alot, as we can see as the Clan is growing every day, people making tournaments and small things for the members or people wishing to join us. We are having fun together, which makes me happy. I want to continue to help us to this way, in a more important roll. White Shadows has been close to me, and I can still recall the discussions I had with Jones and Fuzzy and such about the most stupiest things (Mostly my nationality, which is French).

Thank you for your time to read my motivation.

Diego_Gvardia (Digas)

I may have not done much for the clan yet, but during the time I have been here, I was always active in the forum, trying to give feedback for the recruitment discussions, trying to come up with new ideas, giving my own feedback on what's happening and whatnot.

I plan to contribute a lot, not to the SA:MP area but to the CS:GO area. I believe our clan is full of people who play CS:GO and I have so many ideas when it comes to the game. I am planning to create teams among us to play competitive matches and mixes so we can improve our skill as well as having fun together. There are further plans that I have, such as creating tournaments among the clan, 1v1's, 2v2's, roleplaying on ba_jail maps, surfing together, minigames, etc. The possibilities are endless.

So, if you want someone who will bring the clan loads of CS:GO, don't hesitate and vote for me!


If i get council, my aim is to make WS more well-known across the livestreaming community and more active on the PS4 and PC games, but mainly on the PS4.
A few of my ideas are to create a WS Livestream community on Twitch.TV where we stream events or where WS members invidually stream games, etc...
another one of my ideas are like to create more tournaments on PC/PS4 and hopefully we can also livestream those aswell.
My last (current) idea for the future if i become council is to also bring in more gatherings on open world PS4 games (The Crew, GTA V, etc...

Thanks for reading :)

- DJ_Lance_Vance


I've contributed to the clan as MTA:SA Clan Council and as well as in VCMP, I worked hard to get the division up but soon a new rule was out that there will be no divisions, I was chose as the whole clan Council, I'm not that active in-game(talked to Caltson about it), but I believe I can contribute to WS' future by working hard and showing my leadership skills.

hardujuu (Omri)

Well, I will contrubute to the clan as I have shown in previous positions within the clan management. What more to say, I don't even know as I suck to this. People know who I am, been around here for quite some time .

IceManC (Russell)

Because i already have been Clan Council, i want to help the clan again like i did in the past (PSN Division) i believe that i made alot of positive work for WS already and i want to continue doing that because WS is like a family to me, when i left the clan council role i was very unhappy because part of me didn't want to left and i'm still disappointed because I left my partners, this won't happen again, so i feel that im the right guy for the position.


 Well, I'm the newcomer trying to join the clan council... As funny as it may be, and as low the chances are, I want to give it a shot. Just like in most groups that I've joined, I want to do everything that I can to help the clan have a better future. I'm obviously very excited about what I found here, needless to tell you that this is far from what I thought of the clan around 6 months ago. What have I done so far? Well, not much. I'm afraid that other than a couple of ideas, as well as basically posting my opinion is as far as I've gone, so far. About the future, apart of basically full-filling the duties of a Clan Council, I'm very interested about the recent clan movement toward MMO-RPG games. As I've "invested" more than half of my time on PC Gaming to them. Hopefully we'll get something nice running in the future.

   Now a little disclaimer and explanation why, I didn't apply right away. See let's start with the basics. What is summer in Mykonos. So there are three ways to describe summer in Mykonos.
First of all, you describe it from the point of view of a tourist. For a tourist, the island is an expensive paradise, with nice beaches and lots of bitches. Then there are locals that don't work. Those get a free pass into paradise, Enjoying what each tourist does, for a small price, and all summer long. Considering how they don't only have a cheap place to stay, they also get to pay less for alcohol and such. Last, there are people who work, and business owners. See for those, summer is a hellish time. We get to work for long shifts, with lots of stress, and little to no time to relax during the day, as every place is busy all day long. They have to work really fast, get everything done in no time, and at the same time get enough profit, to live through winter. Because winter is harsh when it comes to economics. So now that I explained that, I'm part of the third one. I'm a worker and also get to think as a business owner, simply because I work at my father's place. This means, that I'll get to work for many hours, 6 days a week. And end up with little will to play games once I do get home after work.

   Let's get to calculations, using data from the past two years. I'm always up for forums, so my activity on the forums won't be affected that much. So through out the week, I'll get 20 minutes of forum access in the morning through my phone, and another 20 in the midday(during our break). This means that during those times I will be able to read the forums, and generally look things up, but writing will be limited, to a couple of sentences. I'll usually get access to my computer at around 20:00 CET, until around 24:00 CET, which time I can easily dedicate completely to the clan when needed. So yeah, while I won't have that much access through out the day, I will have a decent amount of time during the night. I personally think that it is enough, but you have to know of this.

   Though something important. I said that winter is harsh economically, well it is, but when it comes to working, it's a piece of cake. Much shorter shifts, and little work, so little to no stress during the day. Means that I will have lots of time and mentality to dedicate here.

   Also I shall not forget my moto! "Blame Legend!" XD.

Leon_Arallian (Eymas)

I entered the division as Minecraft Division Leader since it needed an active one, and so I have given my aid, Then the new system came and things fully faded away after a period of inactivity. But I was offered a position as CC to replace.
During my evaluation which spans the whole of Argonath, including the staff team, ARPD and all other things. WS is one of the parts where it ultimately depends on their leaders what they think will fit.
My current role is that of a consultant in essence: I can't always actively contribute to many assignments that need full focus on the clan(Although the wiki one is one where I can utilize my editor rights.) but I still can help out in some parts. One of those being the judgement on applicants. After that I'm usually an info point: people can always approach me for any question they have about WS or life in general.

In a sense, it's up to WS leadership if they want to continue with this "consultant" role, or that it would be better if I cast this aside. You are aware of the situation after all don't you  :lol2:

Additionally I didn't want the message to be too direct or cold in any way, but I guess you get the picture.

Morais (Sam_Braddock)

I'm an experienced member that agrees and shares the vision and cores of this clan. I'm not used to make promises, I'm more of a "backstage" worker, I like to see things done and help without bringing much fuzz to me. I'm a known and friendly guy that always tries to step away from grudges and resolve pending ones. Straight honesty might be confused with hostility and that's my main source of problems(IRL and IG), but I believe it gives me the opportunity to look at things from an unbiased position having in mind the goals of the team/clan in order to build a road to success: good environment, great team-work, shaping the best members to pass the values to the new ones.
I'm not a propaganda guy, like I said I rather show than talk. I'm here to help.

Peter (Alireza1993)

Dear WS members,
I'm pretty sure that most of you know me from past, but things changed we all grew up and we all became more strict for our goals.
The main idea behind WS is "having fun with decent friends" after all this is mostly about gaming and having fun and that's true, so in this case it's very important to choose our friends smoothly.
As always WS wont let annoying persons into the clan, having gaming skills is important too but we do not let "Highly skilled gamer, but annoying person" in, professional players are always welcome to the clan.
So now lets define "Professional Player", I'll call someone "pro" if he/she:

1) Always respects the rules of his group/clan.
2) Always respects other players, other clans, other communities.
3) Always is polite (chilling with friends is fine tho' but it shouldn't annoy other members, you know what I mean!).
4) Do not troll around and annoy other players.
5) Always respect the rules of that game/community.
  1-5) Do not use any kind of hacks/cheats.
6) Has some skills regarding his/her favorite game.
  1-6) Shooting skills for FPS games, RP skills for RPG games (SAMP, VCMP ...)
  2-6) If he has some skills, he should always try to help his friends in the clan, who hates to get some tips from a friend?!

So yeah, as you may noticed being a decent guy is very important for me.

About my experiences regarding recruiting new members. I was a part of "Human Resources" of another gaming group, actually I was their supervisor.
So yeah I'm basically experienced in this case, I've played with different type of the players, different platforms (such as PS3) and so on.
Most of you already met me somewhere, basically on SAMP nowadays, I'm not a cold blooded person, but yeah in some situations I've very strict face!

So uhh, I guess I just wrote a long letter and it's making you so bored. I said, you heard! now if you think that I'm good for this position do not forget to vote for me!

Thank you all



 Okay the aim will be to encourage people in RPing, communicating, help others when needed. Well last Clan Council selection, I didn't really apply because I thought I had no time to do anything, but it seems that I have a lot of time to deal with applications and help other members. While being Clan Council, I've dealt with many applications and helped a number of members out. If I ought to get accepted again, I would do the same thing, work on the applications and help others when needed.
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Re: Clan Council - Results
« Reply #2 on: July 01, 2015, 11:38:31 PM »
Elections Results


Votes have been verified and here's the outcome.

  • Slavik_Kolta
  • Leon_Arallian (Eymas)
  • Morais (Sam_Braddock)
  • Kostas_Evans
  • Darxez

Please welcome the new Council Team.

"Guess who's back... back again?"