Author Topic: WS Clan Council Application 2019  (Read 473 times)

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WS Clan Council Application 2019
« on: December 11, 2019, 03:17:59 PM »
WS Clan Council

Applications Open: 11th of December 2019
Applications Close: 25th of December 2019

The Clan Council is responsible for overseeing recruitment, guiding members and leading projects. Basically, your job will be handling current and future applications and make suggestions towards improvements of the clan.

We are looking for active and enthusiastic individuals to take this important position. If you are interested, complete the application below send it to Kyle via Private Message.

Any member of the White Shadows Clan can apply, under the condition there has been no recent warnings or disciplinary actions against him/her.

Application Form

Code: (FORM) [Select]
[b]In-game Name:[/b]

[b]When did you join the clan?:[/b]

[b]Your Manifesto:[/b]
[i]Why should you be chosen as Council? What have you contributed to WS? What will you contribute in the future?[/i]