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[WS] Application - Leon Santos
« on: January 28, 2019, 06:20:25 AM »

Clan Application - Leon Santos

A) General information about you:

In-Game nickname: Leon_Santos

Previously used nicknames: Alakdan / John_Wick / Jack_Ripper

Age: 20

Nationality: Filipino

Languages you speak: English, Tagalog

What platform(s) do you game on? (PC/PlayStation/Xbox/Phone etc.) PC

Link to your Steam/Origin/PSN/Xbox Live account(s)

Tell us a little bit about your gaming career. How you started gaming etc. I started playing Counter Strike when I was a kid, then Dota, Dota 2. I was curious about SAMP so I started to play it and I find it enjoyable specially interacting with other players from other country.

Do you have any social media pages where the world can witness your gaming skills? (Twitch/Facebook Page/YouTube), List them down if yes : No, I don't stream or record my gameplay.

Are you a part of any community? List down the communit(y/ies) and game(s) you play on if yes:
I am not part any other Community(only Mudoo). I play Dota 2, sometimes CSGO, and Paladins, and SAMP.

B) Information regarding you and the SA-MP community (you can ignore this part if not applicable):

Name of the community you MAINLY play on: Mudoo Gaming

Link to your forum accounts on the said community(Main forum, PD forum, FBI forum,etc):
Mudoo Forum
Mudoo PD Forum

What divisions on SA-MP do you play on?(RP/TDM) RP and TDM

What's your favorite RP role: Police RolePlay

Previous clans/groups and reason for leaving them: I was the Leader of 'The Black Doves' but decided to close it due to members getting ban for Hacks.

Have you ever been banned? If yes, link us to your unban requests, tell us how many times you were banned, explain why and tell us how did the bans change you if they ever did: No

Date of registration on the community: August 5, 2018

C) Information regarding you and the White Shadows Clan

How did you know about WS? I saw Players in Mudoo wearing [WS] tag. since I don't know about it at first, I was curious about and found out that it is a Clan. I tried to apply here but I always got stuck in registration here, until Mr. Paco helped me registering here.

Why do you want to join this clan: I can see that it is a great Clan, fun members to RP with and not really hard to start a conversation (RPly).

Will you obey the rules, and accept any punishment that may follow if you should break a rule: Yes I will.

What does WS mean to you: A clan that has a fun members, and a Multi Gaming Clan.

What are your plans as a WS member in the future? Planning on wearing [WS] tag in every game I play if ever I get accepted, and introduce to other players who don't know what is [WS] that it is a fun Clan to belong with

If given the opportunity, which role would you see yourself delving into in the future(Game Streamer/Gameplay Commentator/Social Media Influencer/Suggest your own way in which you can be useful to the clan) : I am planning to start streaming after I buy a stronger PC (my current PC is potato)

What will your GamerTag be with the [WS] tag: [WS]Leon_Santos
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Re: [WS] Application - Leon Santos
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Are you still interested?
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