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A few new things
« on: November 19, 2017, 11:34:40 AM »
Hey everyone!

Indeed, the Christmas theme has returned! Don't worry, I could buy chocolate here for Christmas ever since half October.

That aside, the forums have been worked on and I am currently in the process of reworking the front page. The "Members" link now redirects to the Memberlist we have upon the forum and the "Join us" redirects to the topic of rules and regulations regarding applying, which then follows into a form via a link. I'll continue to work on the website in the next few months, we'll move host in March so expect some major downtime there.
If I am ever absent due whatever reason, which will be a rare occasion, I made sure we have a plan B. More news on that later.

Two new ranks are being introduced after the next activity check, which will be put up by next week.

- Inactive Member: A rank to be put in use after the next activity check. I think the name explains it all, members failing to reply to an activity check or indicating a long leave will be put on the Inactive Member list. When they return, they simply PM a CC+ so the member can be put back to it's former rang.

- Honory Member: White Shadows had many unique members within their ranks. Some of them, outstand... They earn all respect for their work for the clan. So, we decided to create a rank where these people get the honor they deserve. To be included in this list, there has to be a full agreement within the leadership off the Clan regarding that person.
We already selected, without much trouble, the first members to get this rank:

- Tovenaarke
- Mash
- Jones
- Caltson
- Jones
- Paco el Taco
- Brokman

All of them, will be given the rank directly. Their work for White Shadow has been remarkable and cannot be forgotten. We wish to thank them for all the efforts for the clan. Ofcourse we also have Hyper, but... He stays our supreme leader!

I also wish to ask members to put down games they are playing right now. Make a topic in this board. I've now been playing Payday 2 for instance for a few days, and it SUCKS to play it alone, so I look forward to play it with other clan members or even people who just visit the website!

We will continue to work on the Clan as leadership, but... We cannot do this without the members! Thanks to you, this all exists. Even with the troubles we've been through, the clan has passed it's tenth anniversary this year. This is truly remarkable, and our clan will surely continue for longer. It can only get better!
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Re: A few new things
« Reply #1 on: November 24, 2017, 08:31:10 AM »
Thank you for kind words, and it's an honor for me to have this rank. I would like to also take a moment and thank those who made be the person I am today, the clan taught me a lot from English to a great friendship & community. I would never managed to lead the clan, or do the things I did without the help of my comrades whom I made here and assisted me directly. Thank you, Frank (Invictus), Fuzzy, Jones, Leonardo, Teddy, Sean, Brok, Hyper, Ryan, Mash and Mark who stood by me since my first days and assisted me in everything literally. There are too many great people to name them all! I've had a blast!