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February 01, 2016, 09:59:48 AM by SeanC
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White Shadows Code

I. Generalities

  I. About the White Shadows Clan

1. The White Shadows clan is a diverse community built up of people from across the globe. It supports the gaming art and advocates virtuosity in the form of mixed media. The clan hosts videos, photography, music and is a platform for computing hobbies.

2. The members of the clan have access to all features that the clan offer and are free to share all they want.

  II. About the White Shadows Code

1. The WS Code applies to all members of the clan.

2. The Code overwrites all WS rules set before january 2017

3. The Code is under the responsibility of the WS Leadership, who oversees that it is applied and respected.

4. Disrespecting the Code and/or failing to apply it properly will lead to sanctions.

5. All current members in their previous positions will carry over to the most relevant position as prescribed by this Code having taken effect.

II. Ranks and Status of the clan

  I. Membership

    1. White Shadows Senior Member

1. A Senior Member is also known as the Veteran Member of the White Shadows Clan.

2. A Senior Member rank may also be given to members as an honor for their dedication to the clan in the past or for being a member for a certain period.

    2. White Shadows Official Member

1. A White Shadows member is any person part of the White Shadows Clan.

2. A White Shadows member shall always be loyal to the clan, they are exemplary and are expected to show absolute respect to all, whatever their nationality, origin, ethnicity, religion or opinion.

  II. Hierarchy and ranks

1. The clan is hierarchical downwards from the WS Founder to WS Members. The hierarchical process has to be strictly respected, those above one’s hierarchical position must be respected.

    1. White Shadows Founder

1. The White Shadows Founder, Hyper, holds this status for life. He is at the top of the hierarchy and can not be removed.

2. He is answerable for dealing with complaints concerning the WS Management and WS Leader should the circumstances prove such complaint must be reviewed.

    2. White Shadows Leadership

1. The WS Leadership acts as oversight over the clan and leads the clan in a de-facto manner.

2. They shall name other WS Leader and Forum Admin and also be able to name people to become WS Clan Council, Forum Moderators, Senior Members and/or Members.

3. WS Leadership has full power of the clan.

    3. White Shadows Clan Council

1. They are the voice of members and through agreement are requested to apply rules/deci...
February 01, 2016, 09:59:14 AM by SeanC
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White Shadows Rules

I. Argonath RPG Rules

  I. WS members must follow the Argonath RPG SA:MP rules.

II. White Shadows Rules

  I. WS members must follow the White Shadows rules.

  • You must wear the [WS] tag at all time.
    Unless you have a verified reason in which you must have the WS Leadership approval.
  • You must represent the clan in the best manner you could.
    This include your attitude and behavior while playing the game and towards your fellow clan members and other players.
  • You must role-play at your best especially in actual role-play scenarios.
  • You may join a role-playing group.
  • You may not join another clan.

May 01, 2015, 12:08:33 PM by [WS]Kyle
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WS Founder
WS Leader
WS Co-Leader
December 17, 2009, 03:28:21 PM by Tovenaarke
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Forum Rules

The White Shadows website and forum is an open space where people from across the world meet and interact.
For the benefit of all users we have some simple rules:

• Please respect everyone and avoid causing insult or disruption

• Do not post content which is inappropriate, malicious or illegal

• Post in the appropriate boards - you can use the 'sticky' topics as a guide

• Use the search tool to check if a question has already been answered or if a similar topic exists - you don't need to make multiple posts or reopen concluded discussions

• When using media, including images and videos, make sure that they are suitably sized

• Please check before issuing adverts or promotional content

• English is the primary language used for communication, this is to include as many people as possible

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