white shadows - logs
DateEventEvent description
Aug. 15, 2007WS Clan Foundation

The White Shadows Clan has been founded by Hyper, with the SA:MP division based on the Argonath RPG server

Mar. 15, 2010Openning of PS3 division

Suggested by RyanC, Brokman and Hyper named him as Leader of a new WS Division: the PS3 Division.

RyanC was convinced the PS3 has enough potential for building up a division. The WS Leadership gave him all their trust.

Apr. 1, 2010April fools

We decided to prank the Argonath RPG server with an April fools joke by announcing we had shut down the clan. Unfortunately the joke was taken too serious and our clan topic was removed by server owner Gandalf. There was some panic among the clanmembers, but eventually it appeared Gandalf had pranked us back for the bad joke. We got our topic back and lived happily ever after.

Dec. 31, 2010Openning of IV:MP Division

The IV:MP division of the WS Clan has been officially been opened, on the ArgonathRPG server.

The openning has been decided by Hyper and Brokman and Thomas_C has been chosen as Leader of this division. They rely on him to make this division successfull.

But unfortunately, this division is now closed. Main fault to instability of IV:MP and inactivity on there servers.

Aug. 4, 2011Reopenning of C.S. 1.6 Division

CS 1.6 was one of the first divisions of the WS Clan with SA:MP. But unfortunately, it had to be closed twice due to problems of inactivity.

But Hash came to Hyper, Brokman and Ryan and asked them to reopen the division and to let him lead it. Today the WS Leadership gives him a chance to develop his division under the name of the White Shadows Clan.

Now this division closed again.

Dec. 4, 2011WSPlayground open

The WSPlayground open his gate to let everybody find a lobby on various game with players and friends to play !

Dec. 14, 2012WS for Charity

Many White Shadow members made their way to N.A.P. and stayed there from the start until the end of the project. During the project, anyone could come visit us at N.A.P. and donate for the charity cause by any W.S. Member present at the airport.

We managed to collect and redistribute $1,034,123! Each citizen that collected his package recieved a total of $17,068!

Feb. 21, 2013Minecraft Division

The grand opening of the Minecraft division. After a refined application procedure, Potatoes was selected as the first leader of this new division.

Mar. 22, 2013SA:MP Deathmatch

The brand new SA:MP Deathmatch division opened. Under the leadership of Roske, the community now officially provides support on the deathmatch genre on SA:MP.

May. 25, 2013SWTOR Division open

With Christensen as Leader, the Star Wars : The Old Republic division open, based on the famous MMO RPG

Sep. 15, 2013WStudios reopening

The WStudio! Created in January 2010 by Brokman, it was a great institution of the clan, where several videos were created to promute events and clan trailers! It is now reopen as WStudios


Apr. 5, 2014Closure of SWTOR Division

The SWTOR division is closing.

Aug. 29, 2014Opening of eSports Division

This division has been created by Jones who will Lead it, with full support from the WS Leadership. Based on the original idea from Jones and AnthraX

Apr. 11, 2015WS Restructuration

WS Management restructured the whole clan for more interaction between members. All divisions has been removed to make the clan One.