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  • Happy Birthday Argonath
    Posted by Hyper on 2011-08-31 13:03:54

    We with Argonath RPG a Happy birthday with the 5 year anniversary, and hope to see them going for many more years!

  • WS events merged with AREF
    Posted by Hyper on 2011-08-31 12:59:36

    The White Shadows Events have merged with the Argonath RPG Events Foundation. We hope the cooperation between both organisations will have a positive effect on the events held on the Argonath RPG servers. Click here to visit the new forum!

  • SA:MP Applications
    Posted by Smey on 2010-07-25 13:02:30

    We recently have accepted a lot of new members to WS. To make sure we all get to know them better, and to give our dear Clan Councils some rest, we decided to close applications for an unknown period.

  • National Karting event
    Posted by Smey on 2010-05-29 10:48:26

    "A new event has come to the city of San Andreas. A few old men gathered around and came up with a new kind of racing for our beloved city. After evenings thinking, talking and contacting other city's Kart leagues, they managed to get the National Karting league tracks to the city of San Andreas."

    Go check out SAMP events for more information!

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