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  • White Shadows Show-Offs Tournament
    Posted by Caltson on 2012-07-13 02:55:26

    The PS3 Division is organising the Show-Off tournament on Modern Warfare 3 this summer season.

    In the Show-Offs, each competition member engages in a 1v1 versus another member. Those that lose are eliminated until only one member remains, this person will become our ultimate soldier of the squad.

    Subscribing to the Show-Off tournament is possible until Sunday 15/07/2012, after that, a scedule and further information regarding the tournament will follow.


    We wish all participants the best of luck and that the most victorious soldier may win!

  • Forum Maintenance
    Posted by Caltson on 2012-06-28 01:28:46

    The forum and possibly also the website will be locked down for a full maintenance. During this period, nobody will be able to acces his/her account.
    This date is currently set on 20th of July 2012 and we apolegise for the inconvience this maintenance might bring along.
    Posts and topics will remain unaffected.

    Currently featured in the maintenance scedule
    - Re-organisation of the forum interface and boards. Merging and deleting unneeded boards.
    - Lay-out and theme of the forum.
    - Revision of member ranks and actual memberships.
    - Implementation of new features suggested by forum users (selection, not all suggestions may be applied)
    - Implementation of new feature(s) in the clan structure.
    - Optimizing browsing speed and other administration tasks.

    Once again, the Leadership apolegizes for the inconvience that may be caused by the lockdown. If everything runs along the scedule with no surpises, the forum will be up and running on the same day.

  • Division Announcement
    Posted by Caltson on 2012-06-25 20:17:35

    The White Shadows Leadership has agreed to re-open the recruitment applications for the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 division.

    Whilst currently a closed division, we strongly believe that this division can develop itself to a great addition in our Clan environment with the dedicated support of a motivated Division Leader.

    Do you see yourself capable to become the next leader of this division?

    Do you have the needed dedication and that leader's personality?

    Then take a quick look to the Announcements Section of our Clan Forum and send your detailed application to us!


    We look forward to the many applications to recieve and good luck to everybody that will apply.


    On behalf of the White Shadows Leadership,




  • WS playground
    Posted by Hyper on 2011-09-17 17:48:33

    WS is working on a new project to enhance our members' gaming life. We call it:

    White Shadows: Playground


    The purpose is to build a great multiplaying community. Without having a full division on games you play from time to time, you will be able to see White Shadows members' multiplayer games and propose whenever you want to play various games with various members. The objective is to create a pure friendly and fun community to play with on your favourite games online. You will hear more about this revolutionary project soon!

  • White - Shadows - coldplay
    Posted by Hyper on 2011-08-31 15:04:35

    I bumped into this song a while ago, after it was posted by one of our members. If we need a clan song I'm sure this would be a good option :P

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