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  • SA:MP Council Elections
    Posted by paco on 2013-09-01 17:52:29

    Good evening!


    Today is a new day for both you and me. We're proceeding with new SA:MP Council elections. The election will last for 14 days and the results will be published the day after. Visistors and other division members can't see the topic, but our SA:MP members can. Any SA:MP member reading this, please check out !

  • PS3 Events
    Posted by Legend on 2013-08-20 01:50:26

    Main events page

    The official events area has now been launched!

    The PS3 world is quick and uncompromising. Keeping up with it can be a challenge in itself.
    Tackling it with other players in events is a great way of keeping you ahead of the game. Events are a fantastic opportunity for players to socialise and improve their skills.

    Often it is the multiplayer side of a game that really puts it on the map, yet it can be difficult to find the right environment to compete and test yourself on. Make venturing out onto the battlefield as a lone wolf a thing of the past by connecting and joining with other like-minded individuals. Events allow you to go above and beyond, making the most out of a game. The options are endless and you can organise exactly the kind of event you wish to, or attend those made by others that catch your eye.

    Everyone is welcome to create their own event - applicants included - and the more unique the better. We are very happy to help your event grow popularity by spreading awareness.

    Check out the new service and give events a kick start.


    Happy gaming.

    - White Shadows PS3 Division

  • Minecraft division Announcement
    Posted by caltson on 2013-01-13 21:23:44

    Minecraft Division Announcement

    The White Shadows Clan is expanding it's community with a new division for the beloved game, Minecraft. On behalf of the approval of the White Shadows Community and it's leadership, we are now looking for a suitable leader with the dedication and motivation to lead this new project.

    All interested individuals should at least meet the following requirements:

    - You are at least 16 years old.
    - You write English perfectly.
    - You consider yourself suitable for a Leader position at the White Shadows Clan and can display this motivation trough his actions in name for the division.
    - You are active on the White Shadows forum and on Minecraft, dedicated enough to make a succes out of this division.

    In return, we can offer you the following:

    - A Leadership position in a very well known and professional clan environment.
    - Community Boards for your division to discuss and maintain your division.
    - Premium possibilities for your division to expand when succesful.

    Do you believe you are the ideal person we are looking for? Do you have what it takes to create a new division?

    You can apply for the Minecraft Division Leader position by filling out the application below. Send it to and entitle your e-mail 'Minecraft Division application'.
    All recieved applications will be checked in detail and evaluated based on the points above.




    Current occupancy (student/work):


    Previous leader experience (leave blank if not applicable):

    Link to your WS forum profile:

    Have you been part of the WS community before?


    Why do you wish to become the Minecraft Division Leader?:

    Why do you think you are the person suited to create a division?:

    What do you think are the first steps in creating a succesful division?:

    On what Minecraft server(s) do you play?:

    Why should we select you, and not someone else?:

    Sincerely yours,

    Ryan Caltson

  • White shadows for Charity
    Posted by caltson on 2012-12-13 21:50:33

    White Shadows for Charity

    Dear visitors and clanmembers,

    We are about to settle new records on the Argonath Community. This time not with a brand new event concept but with a charity project that benefits all Argonath members that have little to no funds for a living in the state of Argonath.
    During this project, many White Shadow members will make their way to N.A.P. and stay there from the start until the end of the project. During this project, anyone can come visit us at N.A.P. and donate for the charity cause by any W.S. Member present at the airport. Money transactions (/wire) will not be accepted as valid donation and returned to the sender.

    Ontop of that, $10,000 will be added to the charity fund for each W.S. Member that takes part into this project. The more members, the more money there'll be to spend.
    After 3 days that all participating members spend on N.A.P., all donators will be personally thanked in an exclusive afterparty and the raised funds from this project will be divided under the citizens that can need it.

    Can non-WS members take part?
     No. Participants in the project must be member of at least one division for the White Shadows Clan. Non-WS Members however can donate to the cause by travelling to N.A.P. and donating the desired amount to any W.S. Member present at the scene.

    What's the purpose of this event?
     The White Shadows Clan is proud of their members. Each member in the clan is capable of much and with this project we may aswell prove that scripts are not the key to succesfull roleplay but the creativity minds of each human being contribute to that. Combine that with a project that benefits the well being of citizens and the purpose is there.

    Start of the project
    The project starts tomorrow at 20:00 CET and ends at Sunday 20:00CET. Between this period, all participants are required to stay at N.A.P.
    After the project has ended, the afterparty will follow at the WSHQ.

    We look forward to your contribution and your visit at N.A.P. during this project. Please keep our headquarters clean and we'll meet again in the main land of San Andreas this sunday evening.

    Sincerely yours,

    White Shadows Leadership
  • SA:MP Division Announcement
    Posted by Caltson on 2012-07-22 23:52:18

    Today, the San Andreas Multiplayer division is getting a new rank. This rank will be a position between a normal member and a Clan Council, that those, who are active and loyal to White Shadows may achieve. This rank means that they are one step deeper within the White Shadows, and that they are someone who a normal member should look up to. This rank will offer some special advantages to those who show dedication and motivation within the clan:

    • The white list will be extended and split in 2 sections. The main list, for official members and a small piece for 'veteran' members. This will allow us to form alliances with particular groups and the ability for our members to try and combine other roleplay with a group and the White Shadows. As only our most trusted and loyal members who show real interest in WS will have acces to this part of the White List, no worries have to be made about the member abandoning us for another group. Clans such as =AV=, [Rstar], TeaM or TCL, will NOT be on the White List for Veterans.
    • Only Veteran Members will be able to host events in name of WS. Lately even WS applicants organised events in our name, ending up in total chaos and disagreement. This includes funding money from WS will only become available for veteran members or above.
    • Businesses owned by the White Shadows can only be given to veteran members or above. Official Members can no longer hold a WS business and make profits from it.
    • Only Veteran Members will be eligable to be promoted to SA:MP Council.

    So, now that we have a new rank, we need some new members who will hold this rank. I am announcing today, 20th of July 2012 that our members, [WS]Mikro, and [WS]SeanC are being promoted to Official SA:MP Veteran Members. Congratulations and hold your new ranks with pride! I will debrief all the division members about the new white list and veteran white list a bit later.



    SA:MP Division Leader

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