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  • Closure of SWTOR Division
    Posted by Brokman on 2014-04-05 23:55:12


    About a year ago, after some success in the SWTOR lobby of the WS Playground, the WS Leadership gave Christensen oppertunity to run an official WS division on this game.

    There have been ups and downs with the division since its creation, and after sevral crises the division passed through its finaly has to close today.

    Then the WS Leadership decided to focus on stabilizing and improving current project and so to close the division at the expense of remaining members but for the benefit of the clan.

    The SWTOR lobby will certainly be re-opened where ex-division members will be able to play together again and I invite anybody to try it because I still belive there is a real potential with this game.


    Leader of the
    White Shadows


  • Host Migration
    Posted by Slatos on 2013-12-09 15:15:00

    Hello WS Members and Visitors!

    It's been quite a while since Hyper set down the foundation of the clan; this forum and website.
    After years of development, we're reaching our limits in terms of our current hosting and with that, it is time to move our community to another host, where the future development of our community can be guaranteed.

    What does this mean exactly?
    During the migration from one host to another, the community will experience a downtime that could last for an entire day, that is if everything goes as planned. Both Hyper and the rest of the W.S. Leadership'll do their upper best to keep the inconvience as low as possible to keep rockin' on!
    This host migration is planned on 12th December 2013. The website/forum might also be down on 13th December 2013.


    The White Shadows Leadership

  • Forum Maintenance
    Posted by Slatos on 2013-12-01 17:47:32



    Hello members and visitors!

    Our forum is under maintenance until about 20pm CET. During this process the forum will be avaliavable and you can’t log in. We will be doing some cleaning in Boards, get an eye over ranks and other unused stuff. We ask you to remain patient during this process. If you have anything to ask e-mail us at

    -White Shadows Leadership


  • Announcement: MTA:SA division
    Posted by SeanC on 2013-11-07 23:37:42

    Yo guys, forum members as well as visitors,

    Today, I would like to announce the reopening of the MTA:SA Argonath RPG division for our clan. This division was first created a few years ago but had been closed due to lacking of interest and activity in the MTA:SA server. It has been a while now since the division was closed but it has come to the right time that the division should be reopened.

    Nowadays there has been a lot of improvement made to the MTA:SA server and more works are in progress as well which makes it a promising developing server and of course we don't want to miss the opportunity to be apart of that. This division may have failed in the past but we should all support it to be successful in this run.

    As this division reopens, we had also chosen and appointed a leader, we believes that Frank have the ability and vision to lead this division to success. Everyone, please congratulate him for his new position and wish him the best of luck to lead the division to reach its goal.

    White Shadows

  • VC:MP - Halloween Part II
    Posted by Legend on 2013-11-02 19:35:32


    A quick glance at the calendar would tell you that October, and that spooky time of year is over and behind us... but... Death's minions are not going to retire so easily. The VC:MP division, like in the past, is hosting a Halloween Soiree. However, it is a soiree in the loosest of terms. It is the kind of evening where all things do go wrong, it is the kind of party in which chaos is the only way to go.


    This year we have created a slightly different game. Zombies will be roaming the streets, instilling panic and gradually corrupting Vice City. The poor souls whose destiny it is to cross their paths will soon be infected themselves and bearing the whip of evil. To begin with, the White Shadows members ([WS] & [WSt] tags) will be playing the part of the zombies, before being joined by the infected citizens and all those who want to cast the city into darkness.

    But, why watch your beloved city fall into ruins? There is another option... You can rise up against the zombies as the human defenders of VC and purge out the evil for good. Who knows, you may be able to find a safe haven in the once prosperous city, or a cure might be found? 


    Will you side with the zombies and become an instrument of fear, or will you take the more noble path and defend the citizens?

    Whatever choice you make do it quick. The first zombie outbreaks are to take place this weekend.

    Find out more here.

    [WS]Verz is our resident zombie king and he shall be commanding the hordes...

    - White Shadows VC:MP Division

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