about the   white shadows   clan

Founded in 2007

10 August 2007 - It was about a year ago Hypercube started playing on the Argonath RPG servers in SA:MP and MTA:VC. It all went as planned, he was an ambiguous 15 year old Argonath regular, who had a good amount of friends and even made it to administrator on the SA:MP server. It was time for change, for something new. He had seen several groups, families, and clans being created and he decided that this was what his next objective would be.

14 August 2007 - It took a couple of days to come with a proper name for the clan. The criteria were that it had to be an unique, strong, and definitely mysterious name. Black Rocks, Red Grass, Mighty River, Freedom Fighters.. they all didn't feel right. After four days of brainstorming, a name was finally created - White Shadows. And this same day Hyper set up the clan page on the Argonath RPG forum and began on his journey..

Starting up

Founding a clan is something anyone can do, you don't need any skill for that. However, when it comes to recruiting the first members, maintaining the quality of the clan, and creating the desired clan culture, you need concentration and passion, but perseverance is probably the most crucial part to actually take off. Hyper became Founder of the White Shadows, and Leader of its first and still most successful division SA:MP. The role of a Leader is, in contrary with Founder, the hardest position someone can have inside a clan. You cannot afford making mistakes.

After observing the first potential members, the first interactions come to the comments, and eventually a selection is held to invite the chosen players. Part of them refuse the invitation because of the fact the clan is too new and thus too unstable, which is reasonable. The other part either takes his chances or really sees future in the clan, which results in them making an application. This is how the White Shadows clan slowly obtained its first members.

And on it goes

After some years of Leading, new Leaders took over and we changed the structure of the clan. A Clan Leader was introduced (control over the clan as a whole), taking over Hyper's leading role. Brokman, WS' most dedicated member filled in this role and managed to improve the clan even more. He is still leading the clan, along with Ryan.
Throughout the years, the clan grew and new divisions were opened. To create a close community with a good atmosphere, a place for the members to come together is necessary. To achieve this, we created a website along with a forum for the members to discuss clan-related issues or to just have a good chat. In the SA:MP division we bought a Headquarters, with the intention to use it for meetings, but it turned out to be more of a symbol.. Either way, our clan became more and more popular among the Argonath RPG players and grew out to (one of the) biggest clans on Argonath RPG. We are constantly trying to expand into new games, new consoles, with some success and some failures, but we will keep on going for years, until we become internationally known as professional multi-gaming clan!

Read more about clan's history and special events in the clan log

who are we now

The members of this clan are enthusiastic, motivated, skilled, obsessed, and have a good sense of humor. We tend to keep it this way, as we've always had fun with each other, while staying professional and keeping the quality and reputation of the clan up. We're always looking for new members, but if you don't meet the above criteria, please don't bother filling out an application. Where other clans only focus on getting the best scores in FPS, we enhance the clan's atmosphere first. This will result in in better teamwork and so better end results.
We're a friendly clan and always open for new ideas or improvements. If you play one of the games we support, and looking forward to meeting new people, please don't hesitate to join us. We hope you enjoyed reading the clan's history and we'd love to see you among us soon!