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  • Interview with Brokman
    Posted by Legend on 2015-12-21 05:37:57

    Brokman is one of the community’s oldest members and a long-serving leader, having joined White Shadows soon after its foundation. I sat down with him to find out about his views on the clan, 7 years on.


    When did you join White Shadows and what attracted you to the clan

    Arr, this was in 2008 I believe, can't remember exactly. At this time, on Argo SAMP, there were only 3 really "important" clans AV, Rstar and WS. WS had few members while Rstar was restricted to some "elite" and AV had really many many members. I was not interested in mafia families. I naturally chose to join WS which looked to me more strict on RP and had its own rules that made WS members honorable people, nobody could tell a WS member was a troll or a bad player, that spoke with me, and here I am.


    What was WS like during those early days?

    Like I said, there were few people in WS but active people. There was a real friendship between clan members online and often we were checking on the SAMP launcher [to see] if there were some WS online, if there were not we played other games SP.

    Also, most activity of the clan was on forum where we discussed about a lot of bullsh*t, off-topic subjects were the most popular.

    I believe that did not change  much, only people changed, members come and go, "real life" or I prefer to say "personal life" because if IG is virtual what happens in WS is not, takes more and more time while we grow up and become people with jobs, social sh*t, etc.


    You were the clan's principal leader after Hyper stepped down. How was that experience?

    Well, I was Leader in Hyper's side for some time and he gave me much of his experiment to deal with many things. Also he taught me the most important Leader's power: delegate.

    I have been lucky I have always been with very good people, yes, good people, skilled and clever helping me a lot in this task.

    Leadership is a responsibility, when things are going well alone, you are almost useless but when things are going bad you have the responsibility of the whole clan's stability. So far we have succeeded to keep the clan and I say "WE" because I have never been alone. That's the point of a clan anyway.


    When you took up the role, did you ever imagine that WS would continue to expand and grow, especially beyond the GTA multiplayer world?

    Yes, this has always been my goal, I have always worked on developing WS on other horizons, sometimes it worked, sometimes it failed. I did not want WS to remain an Argo clan but to be a real group of players playing together on different games. SAMP is WS's home but WS needed to grow up like a child needs to become an adult and leave the family house.


    How much did Hyper pay you and is true that he sometimes kept you in a cage so that you wouldn't run away?

    He did not give me a single penny of course. And this cage wasn't that bad..


    You have trained as a police officer in real life. Would you ever arrest a WS member?

    If they break French rules, yes! But I will pay for some coffee after!


    Do you think a WS meetup in real life would ever be possible?

    Why not? It wouldn't be easy at the moment.. It's hard to find a date for a meeting online so for one IRL, with transport, etc, I let you imagine...


    What does your name mean?

    My name IRL is Broc****, most people give "Broc" as nickname to my family (father, brother, cousins) and a friend called me "Broc-Man" it became "Brokman" cause I found K was better than C. It was original, I liked it and it was different than my brother's nickname and father's nickname, etc.


    Is it OK to call you Brokwoman when you are not listening?

    Nope, and BrokEman neither.


    Do you really look like your forum avatar?

    Hell yea! I used it for so long that Jack Skellington became the picture people have of me, I like this.


    In your member profile you said that you'd like to be Admiral Steven Hackett from Mass Effect. How come?

    He is a great respectful man and he has a nice cap. And I prefer to be the big boss in the big ship than the "Commander" that goes on the ground putting hands in sh*t, starving, etc.


    Where is this old clan logo from?

    No idea, it had been made before I joined the clan. Hyper just did it like that I believe.

    What do you think of the current clan branding and identity - our logo(s)?

    We worked hard with Hyper to give WS an identity, because before this we never had any official logo, graphical identity, etc. It was my wish to give it to WS. It's important that WS keeps it now, the longer something is kept the same image the more important the image becomes and more this image represents something better, that was the idea. Like a national flag, no point changing it every 5 years if you want people to identify your nationality.

    You pioneered the original WStudio project. How did you come up with the idea?

    I was interested in video making, I did some vids for the clan and people liked it, then I thought to make it bigger and to interact with others. But unfortunately WStudio never really worked, I did never find enough motivated people for it.

    Are there any projects that you are currently working on or would like to start?

    Not yet, I still have old ideas that I could bring up from dust but at the moment I am coming back from a forced inactivity due to my formation IRL, I first need to see what WS is today before making any project for it. :) 

  • Contact Us
    Posted by Legend on 2015-08-08 23:57:16

    Do you have a question about the White Shadows or have you been trying to find out some information? Well, look no further!


    We have put all our contact details into one place - click me - where you can get dedicated help from a member. Questions can be on anything from recruitment and making an application to partnership opportunities with the White Shadows. Official and Senior Members can also make use of their assigned Co-Leaders to raise an issue, suggest an idea or organise an event.

    I would also like to point you in the direction of our Clan Council team, Darxez, Kostas, Leon, Morais, Slavik, who are your first port of call if you are interested in becoming a part of WS!

    Together they have been supporting members and applicants for 1 month, following the most recent elections. At this stage on behalf of the clan I would like to thank outgoing members of the team DJ_Lance_Vance, Verz and Frank_Forbes for their previous contributions.


    This month we hope to bring you some exclusive content, including event information and member interviews. In the meantime you can keep up with WS on all your favourite social media channels:



  • Member Spotlight
    Posted by Legend on 2015-07-01 22:35:37



    Name: Bruce

    Country: Albania

    Games: Steam games. Accepting gifts

    When did you join WS? About a week ago a week ago

    What made you choose WS? A mexican

    What roles have you held in the clan? Official Member

    Have you held any roles outside WS? SAPD Senior Officer, Stunt Admin, Argonath forum Board moderator, TS moderator

    Achievements: Join SA:MP RPG S.W.A.T.

    What do you do in real life? Study IT

    Do you have a real life? I will answer if I find it somewhere in my room.

    Favourite food? Bacon and fries

    Favourite colour? Blue

    Earth or Mars? Earth because f*ck dean. :D

    What's on your mouse pad? I use my laptop as a mouse pad

    Do you look like anyone famous? Wolverine

    Any video game characters you'd like to be? Carl Johnson

    What superpower would you pick? Fly hax

    Where can I normally find you? In front of LSPD being a cop, or at 4 Dragons Casino The Strip Las Venturas, being richass

  • Clan Council Elections
    Posted by Slatos on 2015-06-22 15:24:15

    Dear WS Members, 

    It is of everyone's knowledge that the Clan Council role is one of the most important roles in the White Shadows Clan. It is his duty to establish the connnection between the Leadership and the Official Members. The Clan Council is considered as someone who represents the Official Members.

    This is where the WS Members come in. It is up to you to decide who you want to represent you. The Clan Council Elections are now running and will run until Sunday, 28th June in this topic.



    White Shadows
  • FIFA 15 - White Shadows Cup
    Posted by Legend on 2015-06-17 13:03:07


    The 1st White Shadows Cup is underway, and you are invited!

    Over the coming weeks, 6 teams will be competing against each other in a series of high intensity matches.


    For fixtures and more event details, check this page.

    Game and platform: FIFA 15, PlayStation



    Best of luck to all players and a big thank you to the supporters!

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